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Dallas Arts Marketing

Formerly known as Dallas Arts Combine/ Texas Arts Marketing


We are dedicated to encouraging widespread support for artists, arts and cultural organizations and cultural activities by raising awareness so all citizens will realize the value, economic and educational impact of the cultural community through focused, sustained communication and engagement strategies on behalf of the entire arts and culture community.  


The Dallas Arts Combine aka Texas Arts Marketing was incorporated in Texas as a nonprofit corporation on March 31, 1978 to provide marketing support to Dallas-based nonprofit organizations through centralized list sharing, database maintenance, bulk advertising, bulk mailing, cross-promotion, joint marketing campaigns, and audience development strategies. The organization served more than 50 member groups and enabled list-sharing through a secure process that shielded specific patron information provided by each member group from the other members but enable each member organization to market their programs to the patrons of other member groups. After more than three decades providing these services, the evolution of computerization and online services made some of the original services obsolete and the organization became dormant for several years as the greater arts community considered repurposing the nonprofit shell. As the process evolved, new priorities emerged focusing on audience development strategies, the need for public education on the value and importance of arts and culture, advocacy training, planning and execution of city-wide arts initiatives. collective marketing and advertising campaigns, development of general purpose collateral materials, videos, graphics, and social media, coordination with general arts community in festivals and events. To address these new priorities, the organization was reanimated in 2017 and began of the process of addressing the new priorities focusing on providing support and marketing assistance for Dallas Arts Month to benefit the broader community of Dallas arts and cultural organizations. Additionally, support and development of marketing strategies for public engagement in the Arts Vote Dallas initiative were a major focus in 2018.

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