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The Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition is a grassroots organization of members representing Dallas-area arts and cultural organizations. Established in 2007 as a Texas nonprofit corporation, this active coalition mobilizes support for issues of importance to arts and cultural groups, arts patrons, and individual artists in the greater Dallas area.


  • Provide a vehicle with broad representation from arts and cultural groups, individuals, public and private agencies, and other constituents with a common cause, to promote and support arts and cultural initiatives in our community

  • Identify important advocacy issues, develop a strategy to address the issues, and mobilize the membership to implement the strategy

  • Promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among the artists, patrons, and organizations in our community.

  • Develop a partnership with the City of Dallas Arts and Culture Advisory Commission to work together on educating city leaders regarding the value and contributions of arts and culture to citizens.


Steering Committee

Zenetta Drew - Dallas Black Dance

Gayle Halperin - Arts Patron/Bruce Wood

Chris Heinbaugh - AT&T PAC

Augustine Jalomo - Arts Advocate

Kirsten Brandt James -  Arts Patron

Andrew Kochie - Artist 

Rhiannon Martin - Arts Mission Oak Cliff

Melissa Prycer - Dallas Heritage Village

Charles Santos - TITAS

Teresa Coleman Wash - Bishop Arts Theatre

Lily Cabatu Weiss - Dallas Arts District

Joanna St. Angelo




Augustine Jalomo


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