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Together with Texans for the Arts, we introduced ArtsVote Dallas in 2019 when there were more than 60 individuals seeking a seat on the 15-member horseshoe. Our biggest success was that 13 of the 15 individuals who were elected participated in some manner in Arts Vote Dallas. They completed our survey, met with DACAC members, attended our general meetings, the candidate reception or for some, participated in our mayoral forum - all with the goal to keep arts and culture a part of the civic dialog. 

This year, there are 57 confirmed city council candidates all looking to be elected on MAY 1st, Election Day! (Check out the Dallas City Council Ballot Order below for complete list.)

To protect, sustain and grow our arts and culture ecosystem during the pandemic and beyond, we have developed our 2023 Arts Agenda and Arts Overview which includes:

1. Recognize arts and culture as a vital part of Dallas’s economic recovery.

2. Continue support for the Office of Arts and Culture through both General Fund and Hotel Occupancy Tax.

3. Include significant funding for City-owned arts and cultural facilities in the next bond program.

4. Advocate for the arts.

5. Encourage City departments to partner with the arts in creating solutions to challenges facing our city.

6. Ensure arts and culture are part of the City’s legislative agenda.

CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES - Be sure to fill out the Arts & Culture Survey and return your completed survey to

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  • Texans for the Arts Texas Arts Advocacy Summit 87th Texas Legislative Agenda

  • Texans for the Arts weekly Wednesday Facebook Live Arts Advocacy Updates here.

  • Sign up for Texas Legislature Online here at to follow your state Senator and Representatives

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